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Icy Mountain.
文字方塊: 文字方塊: Time: 12/Jan/2007
New  Alva-AH350-08 are announced.
文字方塊: Time: 15/Feb/2007
New  Alva-AH350-08 are announced.
文字方塊: The LCT-100BW-M2-A-CC is a Talent LED Module for ceiling lighting, indoor lighting, home lighting and other commercial lighting applications. It is integrated by modular excellent 10W LED module with special heat-sink design and Alva-AH350 CCD power supply. . Other input, output, voltage, current, sizes and  layout are available on request. Please visit our web of  http://www.ledcircle.com/pdf/LCT-100BW-M2-A-CC.pdf, http://www.ledcircle.com/index.files/Page1480.htm, http://www.ledcircle.com/index.files/Page2110.htm or
Please contact with zeno@ledcircle.com for the detail.
文字方塊: Time: 26/Mar/2007
New  LCT-100BW-M2-A-CC  are announced.