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文字方塊: 文字方塊: The following products are for ODM and OEM businesses.

LCP 5W LED MR-16 Lamps.

Brief: LCP-MR16-5XXW-120-S;LCP-MR16-5XXW-45-S;


文字方塊: The LCP 5W LED MR-16 covers 120lm~380lm light out 5W LED MR-16, the technology of the light-out, brightness, lifecycle, CRI, colour temperature,......etc. are 1~2 years ahead of the LED lighting market. In most applications, it is able to replace traditional 50W halogen lamp and save 12 times energy for different applications.


文字方塊: LCP 60W~150W LED Ceiling Light (LCP-LBL) is not only good for the office lighting, restaurant lighting, hotel lighting, factory lighting and indoor parking lot lighting, but alsot adopted in home lighting. The max LED flux of the LED Ceiling Light (LCP-LBL) is 8736lm(LCP-LBL-120CW-60-C)、 5880lm(LCP-LBL-120CW-60-SL), 5040(LCP-LBL-120CW-60-B).

LCP 60W~120W LED Ceiling Lights and Wall Wash Lights.

LCP Products (Lights)

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文字方塊: LCP 60W~150W Street-Light and Path-Light are able to replace the traditional Streetlight and Path-light. The 60W version which can replace 150W traditional light, 90W version which can replace 250W traditional light and 150W version which can replace 400W traditional light.

LCP 60W~150W Street-Lights and Path-Lights.


文字方塊: LCP Wall Wash Light and Big Spot Light cover the 45W, 65W and 120W , the view angle is optional for 30, 60, 120, 8, 10, 20, 38 and 40 degree. The light has the IP66 waterproof design including the LED Power Driver, which is high level design for out-door-utility (-40~+75 degree C operation temperature).

LCP 45W~120W  LED Wall Wash Lights and Big Spot Lights.