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文字方塊: The following products are for ODM and OEM businesses.

Alva CCD (Constant Current Driver) series

Brief: Alva-AH350; Alva-AH700; Alva-ADL350A;

         Alva-DL350A; Alva-ADH20; Alva-Customized.

文字方塊: The Alva CCD series is Constant Current Output drivers provide the adequate constant DC current output required to enhance the long life and optimum operation of high brightness LEDs. The Alva family have Alva-ADH20, Alva-AH350, Alva-AH700, Alva-DL350, Alva-DL350A and other customized CCDs.

Brief: LC-Z5A-CI01,LC-Z5A-CI03,LC-Z5A-CI04,

         LC-Z5A-CI07,LC-Z5A-CI12. LC-Customized.

文字方塊: The LC LED module series covers one LED to some LEDs modules with or without lens. Our standard modules cover 1 LED, 3 LEDs, 4 LEDs, 7 LEDs,  and 12 LEDs, 8 LEDs light bar, and waterproof LED modules. Also, we provide the customized LC LED Modules.

LC LED module series

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