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文字方塊: 1. Optical Properties:
     The “Optical property” is meant a material’s response to exposure to electron-magnetic radiation and, particularly, to visible light. In the classical sense, electron-magnetic radiation is considered to be wavelike, consisting of electric and magnetic field components that are perpendicular to each other and also to the direction of propagation. Light, heat, radar, radio waves and x-rays are all forms of electro-magnetic radiation. Each is characterized primarily by a specific range of wavelengths, and also according to the technique by which it is generated. 
2. LED:
     Semiconductor junctions have the property that almost anything done the them produces a change in their functioning . The anything can be a physical strain, exposure to light, radiation, heat, radar, radio waves or x-rays. One effect when certain compound junctions are reversed-biased is the production of photons. Photons are a form of radiation that humans see as light. The devices are called light-emitting diodes (LED). These are the displays that are used in consumer electronics equipment and automobile display. And now they are used in lighting application, or even with solar system to brighten the night.
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